What is Arthea?

Arthea is a platform that lets you bring existing 3D content into Virtual Reality easily and quickly. Whether you’re a professor, student, researcher or professional, Arthea lets you painlessly leverage the immense benefits of VR in your field.


Manipulate Your Content

Interact with 3D content you bring into Arthea. Use our intuitive controls to move, rotate, and scale your models on our various supported VR headsets.

Work With Your Peers

Arthea lets you work together with other users in real time, letting them watch you investigate your content in the same virtual space. Whether all in the same classroom or spread out between labs around the world, Arthea enables users to illustrate concepts and share ideas anytime, anywhere with anyone.



Just Out: Oculus Go Support

We have recently added the Oculus Go device to our supported headsets. This is a huge step, because for the first time, classrooms and labs can get every single person in high-quality VR for an affordable price. They also provide a standardized experience which helps avoid issues such as mobile device inequity.